Initial release! 🎉
posted Feb 19, 2019

Welcome to the Reach FI app! I'm excited to start developing this out more. I wanted a way to easily track my savings rate over time and so I made this app to help others do the same. I'm hoping the FI community decides to help out by participating in my public roadmap!

What's available right now?
Track your savings rate over time

The most important feature was just simply tracking your savings rate over time. The app lets you enter your amounts for the time period (either by Entire Year or by month). You can modify the default time period line items in the Settings area.

Your rate will be tracked by month or if you entered a Entire Year period, that will override all your month information. This means, it's easy to add historical years or project future years if you want. During the year, you can track month-to-month but then "true it up" at the end of the year when you receive your W-2s/1099s/etc.

Set your savings rate goal

You can set your target goal in Settings but this will let you track how you're doing against your goal. I'd love to do more with this in the future! Right now it serves as a small amount of motivation when you launch the app.

Offline mode & phone home screen support

This initial release of the app supports offline mode, so all your data is stored on the device or web browser you're using. That means it doesn't offer syncing just yet though that's in the roadmap!

One important point: You can pin the app to your home screen!

  • Android: Chrome will prompt you to add Reach FI to your home screen.
  • iOS: Tap the "Share" icon and then "Add to Home Screen"
What's next?

I just wanted to get a basic idea out there to the community. I have some ideas on what to add but this is where you come in. You can participate in planning and ideas with me using my public roadmap tracker!

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