May 20, 2020: Contributions
posted May 20, 2020

Contribution tracking

For awhile now I've wanted a quick way to see how I'm progressing during the year contributing to my various pre- and post-tax "buckets". Since there are IRS limits to each bucket (besides taxable brokerage), I typically have to tally up the amounts to see if I'm getting near the limits, which I have a separate Excel worksheet for. No longer! Well, almost.

The new Contributions feature breaks down your selected year(s) totals by account. At the moment, it does not let you adjust or set the limits since I'll need to build out all the logic and forms to determine your tax position (Single, MFJ, MFS, HOH, etc.) and track IRS limits. Once that is available, I want to show some nice progress graphics and information. However, I have memorized most of the limits so being able to see this at a glance is already valuable to me!

Note about Tax Year vs. Calendar Year

At the moment, the view displays the total of each account for the calendar year, not the tax year. Sorry! I hope to address this soon!

✨ Added:
🐛 Fixed:
  • Fix years not sorting in descending order in picker
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